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Short term loans have helped low-income single-parent families get through difficult times

Short Term Loans

Savannah Rodriguez is a single-mom and is now a satisfied National Cash Credit short term loan customer!

Savannah Rodriguez is a single-mom to Ben and Jack. She works full-time as a makeup artist/hair dresser for a major salon in Oklahoma. Savannah has everything going for her; she has a great job with great pay, two good kids, and a nice home in one of Oklahoma’s top suburbs. However, as a single mom, some months are more difficult than others because there is only one source of income. Ben and Jack’s father passed away in a tragic car accident a little after Ben’s first birthday.

“I’m not going to lie, sometimes things get really difficult. When a spouse dies, you have to hold it together for the kids,” Savannah said. “We depend on social security and my income. But sometimes that isn’t enough. The emotional toll is hard enough as it is.”

June of 2014 was a particularly difficult month for Savannah.

“Both my car and my cell phone broke in the same month,” Savannah said. “The brakes went out in my car and Ben got a hold of my phone and it ended up in the toilet. I probably could’ve handled repairing the brakes on my own, but I wasn’t finished paying off my phone and I needed a new one immediately to schedule appointments with clients. I knew I had to get some help.”

Savannah did a few Google searches.

“I typed in ‘loans for single moms’ into Google and a whole bunch of stuff popped up,” Savannah said. “I came across National Cash Credit and their no credit check short term loans and I started reading more about it and them.”

Short term loans are no collateral, no credit check, and no faxing loans. National Cash Credit is leader in the short term lending industry. Their business, “short term loans,” is almost entirely derived by the fact that almost anyone with a job can apply and get approved for a loan in the amount of their next paycheck up to $2500. Low-income families, people with bad credit, and people who need cash fast make up most of the customers that apply and receive short term loans.

“I decided that I could really use some extra help, so I applied for a short term loan,” Savannah said. “Honestly, it was so easy. So easy. I think the entire thing took me 5 minutes to complete. I asked for $2000 and hoped for the best as I submitted the application. I got off my computer to go to work. When I got there, some of the other ladies said I received a call from someone about a loans and it was one of National Cash Credit’s direct lenders. I was shocked at how fast and ready they were to give me money.”

Savannah decided to go with the short term loans lender that offered her $2000 at the lowest cost. She received her $2000 from her short term loan that very same day and her bank made it available for her to spend the very next morning.

Short Term Loans are Fast and Easy

“It was crazy to me how fast I got my loan funds,” Savannah said. “After I picked up the kids from daycare we headed to the mall to get a new phone. I bought the new water proof one.”

Savannah repaid her short term loan after she received her kids’ social security money. She never went into debt and she was able to handle her financial predicament with ease.

“Short term loans are the perfect loans for single moms or single dads in my situation,” Savannah said. “Sometimes we just need a little extra help, a little extra cushion. Short term loans have been that for me and I’m sure I’ll keep using them as long as they’re available for me to use.”

Like Savannah, you too can apply for short term loans

For more information on how you can qualify for up to $2500 today, please click: how to apply for short term  loans.

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How to find the lowest APR cash advance loans

Lowest APR Cash Advance

Lowest APR Cash Advance Loan in 3 Simple Steps

Everyone wants the best product at the lowest cost possible. Cash advance loans are no exception. Finding the lowest APR cash advance loans isn’t hard—here are a few ways you can locate the best lenders with the cheapest rates in little to no time at all:

1). Use a third party company

In order to find the lowest APR cash advance loans, you’ll need to use a company that encourages competition. Competition between different lenders for your business will result in a cheaper loan agreement for you. Third party companies facilitate this process for you. Potential borrowers just need to fill out an online application, submit it, and wait for a lender to contact them. The third party company’s software sorts and filters through different lenders and their rates and “matches” the potential borrower to the lender that offers the best deal. Third party companies like National Cash Credit, automatically eliminate expensive or potential unsafe lenders from the pool of potential lenders.

2). Avoid big name lenders

When you apply with one lender, you’re basically agreeing to pay whatever fees they have in place. There is little to no room for negotiation. There’s also no competition. The lowest APR cash advance loans are usually funded by small, privately owned companies that may be located out of your home state. In order to find these cheaper companies, you’ll need to enlist the help of a free third party company like National Cash Credit. Lenders pay for the service that third party companies provide—not you.

3). Read reviews

See what other people are saying about their cash advance loan companies. Reviews are very helpful for people who want to find the lowest APR cash advance loans. Both happy and unhappy customers are usually very eager to share about their cash advance loan experience. Reviewers usually have no reason to lie about the service they received (or didn’t receive).

4). Use direct lenders

Banks, credit unions, and storefront lenders are not direct lenders. They are big companies with big expenses. Their big expenses translate down to the fees they charge their borrowers. The lowest APR cash advance loans are funded by remote direct lenders who don’t have to pay large overhead costs to operate a business. The money the direct lenders save by operating a low-cost business helps keep their fees affordable.

5). Apply again

Every time you apply, receive, and repay a cash advance loan, it gets cheaper. The lowest APR cash advance loans usually go to repeat borrowers. Once trust is established between borrower and lender, the cost of borrowing goes down. You’ll pay less every time you borrow (unless you make late payments).

The lowest cash advance loans are online

Get online to get started—the lowest APR cash advance loans are waiting on you!

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How a short term loan can have an impact on your finances, your life, and your well-being

Short Term Loan

Chris Sorenson, auto parts store manager and satisfied customer

Chris Sorenson, a thirty-five year-old auto parts store manager, only recently started struggling with his finances. After having three kids under the age of five and taking a pay cut so he could relocate to a store closer to his family’s home, Chris and his wife Amanda started having problems with money.

“At first it was small things, like paying bills late and over drafting our bank account every now and then,” Chris explained. “But after awhile it became clear we were spending more than we were making. We decided moving to a smaller house would be the best solution—so we listed it for sale. Two weeks after we listed it, I got a call that my mom had suffered a stroke. We had no money to go visit her. I was devastated. My brother told me she wasn’t looking good.”
Chris debating selling his car and some of his furniture so he could afford to see his mom. Amanda talked him out of it and suggested he look into a short term loan.

I had never considered a short term loan,” Chris said. “I got online and read some short term loan reviews to see what I could find. I was shocked at how many online short term loans there are. I applied through a short term loan servicing company and hoped for the best. Even though I read many reviews, I truly believe I was lucky I settled on Quick Cash To Go because they were great!”

Chris applied for a $1500 short term loan which would be more than enough money to buy a flight up to Chicago where his mom and the rest of his family lives.

“The application process took 5 minutes,” Chris said. “A direct lender called me 5 minutes after that to discuss the short term loan details. After I agreed to the terms, he deposited the cash into my bank account. I booked a flight the same day I applied. I got to see my mom one more time. I can’t imagine the regret I’d have if I wouldn’t have gone.”

Situations like Chris’s come up every day for thousands of Americans. If you need cash to get you through a difficult time, a short term loan can help.

“Don’t wait,” Chris said. “Some things are more important than money and it’s important to take care of those things. It’s important to not have any regrets. If you need money, apply for a short term loan. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s affordable, and it helps. It really, really helps.”


Cash advance online takes the stress out of applying for financial assistance

Online Cash AdvanceBrick and mortar financial businesses require applicants to apply in-person during normal 9-5 working hours. This process might work for some people, however it’s definitely not an ideal process for most people who need cash instantly.

“The problem with brick and mortar businesses is the fact that they require the applicants to come to them,” cash advance online direct lender Bob H. said. “99% of short-term lending applicants need a short-term loan because they’re in financial trouble. Maybe someone is sick. Maybe a family member is facing a job loss. Maybe their car broke down. Whatever the reason, cash advance online lenders feel that people shouldn’t have to go out of their way to get the help they need.”

A cash advance online is a short-term, unsecured loan for potential borrowers who are at least 18, have a job, and have a bank account. The major advantage of applying for a cash advance online is the fact that an applicant can apply on their time, any time and get a response right after they apply, no matter what time it is.

“As a single mom, I don’t have the time or the patience to stand in a line and fill out a cash advance application,” cash advance online borrower Grace T. said. “Both of my boys are under the age of 3. There is no way they’d sit there patiently. For me personally, applying for financial help online is much easier, much faster, and definitely less stressful.”

Currently cash advance online direct lenders are qualifying borrowers for up to $2500

“A few months ago we were only offering up to $1000, but due to the demand of our services and higher loan amounts, we decided to increase the maximum cash advance amount to $2500,” Bob H. said. “We are meeting the needs of people who need cash the most and who sometimes need more then $1000. It feels great that we are helping people get cash in the easiest way possible.”

Applicants only need to fill in very basic personal financial assistance about themselves in order to qualify. Applying online is safe and secure. The entire cash advance online application is 100% encrypted to protect all applicants’ personal information. Applying only takes 5 minutes or less and an applicant will receive an approval notification right after they apply. They’ll get a call shortly after that to discuss the details of the cash advance online loan. Under most circumstances, an approved borrower can receive the amount of their cash advance in 1 business day.

National Cash Credit’s Cash Advance Online Loan Services

“Getting money during a difficult time is easy with a cash advance online,” Grace T. said. “I’m so happy services like this exist to help people like me who dread going into a business office to apply for a loan. I’ve used National Cash Credit’s cash advance online services over and over because it’s just that easy. If you need money, a National Cash Credit cash advance online loan is probably one of the best services out there.”


Apply for no Telecheck installment loans and receive up to $2500 cash instantly

No Telecheck Installment Loans

No Telecheck Installment Loan Customer April G.

No Telecheck installment loans are popular for a reason: potential borrowers don’t want to associate with the Telecheck process. If you’ve ever had a check denied at a cash register, you’re well aware that you’re in the Telecheck system for an outstanding debt that may (or may not) have already been paid off. Telecheck retains adverse information for up to 7 years. For many people, that’s just too long.

“It doesn’t matter how much money I have in my bank account,” April G, a No Telecheck installment loan customer said. “Telecheck always denied me. I had a few checks bounce back in 2009. I’m still paying the consequences.”

No Telecheck installment loans are the ideal financial solution for potential borrowers who need a loan but don’t want their Telecheck report to affect whether or not their loan request is approved.

“I applied for a no Telecheck installment loan when my car broke down unexpectedly,” April G. said. “I needed the money fast. I could risk being denied over and over again due to my Telecheck report. Luckily there are services like National Cash Credit and their no Telecheck installment loans to help people who struggle with Telecheck.”

Meet 3 minimum requirements in order to qualify for no Telecheck installment loans

1). You must have a job.

All no Telecheck installment loan applicants must have a steady flow of income. You must also make at least $1000 after taxes each month. No Telecheck installment loan direct lenders also prefer that their applicants have held the same job for more than 3 months.

2). You must be a legal US adult.

A legal US adult is a person who is at least 18 years old and is a US citizen. There are no exceptions to this rule.

3). You must have a bank account.

In order to qualify for a no Telecheck installment loan, you must have a bank account with a reputable financial institution in your name. No Telecheck installment loan lenders are required to deposit loan funds via direct deposit.

Direct lenders also automatically withdrawal the loan payments through the same bank account.

To see how you can get up to $2500 from our no Telecheck installment loans, please visit our easy application page.