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The Fastest Way to Get Payday Loans Online

Looking for cash before your next payday?

Payday Loans

Look no further – National Cash Credit has got you covered with all your Payday Loans and Cash Advance needs.

You work more days than just payday, so why should you have to wait to get paid that day only?

Make it your payday today!

Get your online payday loan fast!

Get ahead on your bills! Put cash in your pocket! Become financially secure!

No more bounced checks, no more late payments, no more being cash strapped, and no more financial stress! National Cash Credit is here to help you with all of your Payday Loan needs.

At, we do payday loans simple!

We provide you with access to online payday loans, no-credit check payday loans or quick $1500 no-credit check payday loans, and you never even have to leave your house! Complete the short payday loan application online. Without credit checks slowing us down, you get a 90 second approval and you get your cash right away!

Tired of not being able to get cash when you need it?

Our payday loan algorithm searches through our network of direct payday loan lenders and online cash advance providers. Our lenders actually compete for your business!

We work directly with Licensed Lenders, taking the middle man out of the equation, to keep your costs low and get you money faster. takes all of the hard work out of payday loans; simply start the application and we'll guide you to money sooner!

At National Cash Credit, we do not discriminate based on previous situations.

Practically All it takes to get your Payday Loan is:

   Be currently employed.

   Have a bank account.

Payday Loan

It’s time to get your money now!

Apply For One of Our Payday Loans Today!

And get on your way to financial security.


Do I have to pay an application fee?

At National Cash Credit, we never charge you a fee to see if you qualify for a payday loan from one of our many excellent lenders!

What fees or APR will I pay once I receive my loan?

All fees and the APR are determined by the lender that you are connected with. These fees are very competitive and always in compliance with applicable laws. We offer full transparency throughout the payday loan process and you can view the APR/Fee Rate Chart for a detailed breakdown of your financial obligations. Your best choice is to apply and see the APR and loan terms as provided by your connected payday loan lender.

What do I need to get a Payday Loan Advanced to Me?

All that is required to receive a Payday Loan is a job (you need one to have a payday after all) and a bank account (to receive the money)! Oh, and you must apply. That’s all you need. We take care of the rest!

How often can I get a Payday Loan?

We are here to help you whenever you need fast, safe and secure Payday Loans. To speed up our already quick online payday loan application process, National Cash Credit will re-direct your browser to your lenders loan document - once your matached with a lender.

How soon can I start?

You can start right now! Click this link to go directly to the Payday Loan Application.

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